36500 days

Economics says all resources are limited. This scarcity/limitedness creates value. When something is valuable we start using them very carefully. But are all resources equal?

Money for example: you can make, you can save, you can hoard, you can multiply, you can share, you can invest, you can loan and you can do nothing as well.

Can you do all the above with TIME?

Think about it. Between money and time, which resource is more scarce? which resource is more limited?

If you got the right answer, ask yourself where are you focussing?

Let us assume you have 100 years of life (that is a long lifetime for an average human being). It translates into 36500 days only.

That is our life. Every box is a day. This is all we got. Now what are you doing with those days?

In that you sleep 12000+ days. You work 7000+ days. Everything else in the remaining days 🙄

Take a closer look at time and see what could you do to make it count. That urgency will make you guard your time.

🥂to the ticking clock!

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