Self Lens
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Self Lens

As a behavioral science student I am nerdy about all things human. I love to dig deep into all aspects of human including the mind, performance, behaviors, psychology, identity, ontology, anthropology, human body, spirituality and more.

The fun is to figure out the pieces of the puzzle by seeking.

One piece of truth that gave me so much peace is this simple finding 👇

In all of us, there is an absolute self and there is a relative self.

Absolute self competes with self and the axis is betterment.
Relative self competes with the herd and the axis is position in the value chain.

99% of the time we are focused on the relative self.
1% of the time we focus on absolute self and that too when push comes to shove.

One who flips the typical focus lives well and the rest continue the suffering.

Simple truth but it was so liberating.

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