Atomic Start

Entrepreneurship is an aspiration for many, yet for many it remains just that—a mere aspiration. Only a few actually take the plunge and try.

I have wondered what the friction is that makes it difficult to take the leap, and I believe I have found a few patterns. Below are my observations; feel free to add more.

1. People who work in large corporations find it supremely hard to make the shift. This experience of being a part of a behemoth can overwhelm them, and it becomes difficult to take a step towards a smaller venture. They tend to believe all ventures need to be huge.

2. If people grow up in an employee household, it is hard to make the shift. The entrepreneurial spirit is not in the air or in the blood, making it harder to become a first-generation entrepreneur.

3. A taste of salary for an extended period of time makes it harder to let go of the monthly security. I must say that salary is a drug, and we all get addicted to it. It is super hard to de-addict and take a step forward.

Reflecting on a decade of my entrepreneurship, here are some tips:

Start small. Begin with a side hustle. It doesn't have to be huge.

Start a weekend workshop, write a simple guide, may be a book, code a plugin, teach people how to use Canva, or do a weekend brokerage. Do whatever your heart desires.

Find the atomic starting point and get started. It is not worth dying with unfulfilled aspirations.

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