[Curiosity] Definition

So, what is curiosity?

For a change, here is one question that gave me more questions than answers. The best part is I am happy with more questions than solid answers. That is curiosity.

The thing which makes a walking-talking human being flying and landing in other planets. Sitting here and wondering about the string of pearls affecting Jupiter and watching that for months together through a telescope. Understanding the colourful world of rainbows and figuring out refraction through a water droplet.

The desire to know how things work and following that desire all the way to nail things down blows my mind. If there is one thing that kept the human race pushing the envelope it is curiosity.

  • How everything works?
  • What makes everything work?
  • What makes something to do something?
  • How can we see things anew?
  • What are the common features between two different things?
  • How to see the world from another point of view?
  • What is the distance between the simple rules and the complex phenomenon?

The questions were inspired from Richard Feynman's lecture on Curiosity.

I couldn't find a better definition for curiosity than this one. Curiosity is the bridge between the wondrous nature and the marvellous man as it helps us a kick out of THINKING. The excitement is the basis of all learning.

No wonder we suffer in schools when learning is made so boring and dull. When curiosity is active the boredom fades and an audaciousness is born.

We need not depend on extrinsic triggers to feed this quality. Let's explore how to intrinsically create it within ourselves tomorrow.

🥂 to curiosity!

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