Weekly Series Format

I have been dabbling with daily writing for the past 30 months in variety of channels and formats. So far I must have written atleast 250K+ words in the internet.

Starting from a month long series to daily nuggets on, I have tried many experiments. It has been a fun journey. I learned a lot and I am still learning about writing every day. As a forever work in progress I am not surprised by that insight.

In this journey of finding self, I guess I finally found that one writing idea that is worth pursuing for a lifetime.

The one writing experiment that had the highest ROI for both the creator and the consumer is a weekly series.


As a creator it gave me a structure and boundary. That enhanced my freedom multifold and made me work harder to share truly valuable things to the readers.

For the consumers it gave valuable insights, variety of ideas around one focused topic, kept short for a week, structured way of looking into the topic and above all more learning.

I am super pumped to share (and learn) many topics here. Most of them will be related to human performance (aka productivity, habits, behaviors etc), neuroscience, creative careers, creative leadership, product design, beyond pixels, entrepreneurship, business design, life design, tools, no code and more.

Let's kickstart our weekly series here 🥂

I can't wait to choose a pressing topic and discuss in detail. If you want me to write about something, just hit reply and let me know. Will be super happy to share whatever little I know. So what should we talk about here?


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