Design for Non Visual Designers

I am not a visual designer by training. 
I studied cognitive science in my masters. 
There was zero introduction to tools and practice of visual design in grad school. 

But when I started my journey in the industry as a designer, I felt so left out. I didn't know what was Adobe Suite and I had no clue how to use a photoshop. I asked what is Illustrator 🙈 and my team members looked at me with a lot doubt and disdain in their eyes. 

I awed at how our graphic designers produced stuff that were so visually stunning. The competitive spirit in me churned me. I almost felt depressed to know all things design and yet nothing about tools. The identity crisis of a non-visual designer in the field of design is so REAL.

Life went on. Fast forward, I had/have an exemplary career as a designer. The best part was my visual designers felt it was an eye opener to work with a cognitive scientist. They did quid pro quo with me. I taught them how information processing works in our brain and in return they taught me how to mask, how to group, how to make a symbol and more using the design tools. 

Even today I am not a visual designer. And I am ok to not be a visual designer. The identity is not in crisis today as I am a pro visual thinker. I can say that with confidence. I stopped feeling inadequate. I started feeling powerful with visual thinking. I knew my visual designers are there to fill my inadequacy and they will fill it really well if i gave them a great direction. 

It has been 15 years and I still don't feel compelled to know every single aspect of a design tool. What I know is just enough to think better and make others think better. 

During our WriteIn30 times, our cohort members started asking about tools like Notion, Figma, Canva, Midjourney, DALLE and more. As it was an intimate group, I said "Design for Non-Designers" will help you go beyond tools and use them well.

As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble. - Harrington Emerson

So design for non-designers is a cohort aimed at equipping you with the pareto of design principles and design tools. Now that I have a little time, let's do a 6 hour workshop on Design for Non-Designers followed by a 2 week practice challenge so that you enter the new year charged up, knowing how to think better.

What are you waiting for? Here is yet another #pifo cohort - Design for Non-Designers.

Don't ask me about the next cohort as I don't know and that is my answer to all the cohorts run. Make the best of the first cohort as I don't seem to have the same enthusiasm for the repeat ones 🤪

Here is everything about the Design for Non Visual Designers Cohort:

Location: Remote (Zoom), All Sessions will be recorded and made available for you.

You can just take the masterclass or you can take both masterclass + practice challenge.

The workshop is on 25-26 November and the challenge continues till 8th December. We will celebrate on 9th December and call it done. This way you will have your vacation plans intact.

🥂 to design basics!

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