How to design a growth focused environment?

Environments play a huge role in shaping up who we are and who we become. When I use the word environment, it is not always about your friends and family but your social network, your collegues, your community, your workspace and more.

If you care about your growth, surround yourself with people who perceive better than you and have better ideas that make you think harder and better.

Here are 5 questions to constantly ask in order to judge the quality of your environments:

  1. Is my environment smarter than who I am right now? If the answer is NO, time to change your surroundings.
  2. Are you surrounded by ideas (from people and otherwise) that make you think deeper and harder, constantly? Does it give you a jolt every now and then? If the answer is NO, time to look for suroundings that bring perspective shifts to you regularly.
  3. In your typical day, are you the smartest person in the room 80% of time? If the answer is YES, time to make some designful changes to your surroundings.
  4. Is your contact list equipped with numbers that enable you to call a few people and ask for perspectives that you respect? If the answer is no, time to enhance your contact list.
  5. Are you invited for discussions, reviews and opportunities much larger than your comfort zone regularly? If not look deeply.

Your environment shapes you who you are. You unconsciously become what you are surrounded by. Choose wisely!

🥂 to environments!

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