10 apps that changed my life

If you care about digital minimalism, then this post is for you.

Modern tools and emerging technologies are enabling makers like me push the limits of current workflows. A few long term decisions of recent times just blew my mind. Adopt if it makes sense to your workflow as well.

  1. Conceptsapp: iPad, Apple pencil and Concepts app go well together. I reduced pen and paper dependence in the past year. Mostly writing using concepts for thinking, discussions, brainstorming and more.
  2. Voice Apps: QuickTime Player in Mac, Voice memo in iPhone. Loom for sharing thoughts, crit and feedback with teams and clients in cloud. Otter.ai for transcription.
  3. Notion for all documentation and storage/archive. One stop shop to search everything work and life.
  4. Sketch app/Figma for sketching and thinking in vectors.
  5. FigJam/MIRO for collaboration & Maker sprints.
  6. iPhone 12 for mobile photographt and videography. Moments app to elevate the camera further.
  7. Apple notes for capturing fleeting thoughts (like this one).
  8. Reminders app for todos and to buys.
  9. Side kick for all browser needs. One tab for keeping it tucked.
  10. Horo app for menu timer and a physical time timer for deep work.

Here are my three simple guiding principles to pick an app as a perm app.

  • Only one tool per category.
  • If the ecosystem provides apps stick to it as sharing across devices becomes seamless and easy. Apple Notes, Reminders etc.
  • If you are tempted to use a new app, put them in your watch list for 10 weeks. If they bring in tectonic shifts consider using them else chuck them.

Long term thinking with tools enables ease. The above 10 tools decluttered my digital space and mental space for years together.

🥂 to enablers!

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