Finish line doesn't matter

All finish lines are similar.

The beauty of human goals is, we want the same things whether it is 1998 or 2022 or 2043. In a nutshell, we want to be healthy, wealthy, sexy, happy etc. Nothing changes with the human desirability and nothing will change in the next 100 years as well. Just the magnitude will change and nothing more. So why bother about the finish line if it is all the same?

If that is the case, what we should bother is how we progress towards the finish line day after day isn't it?

Focus on your routines if you care about your 2022 goals.

Here are 5 steps to focus on your routines πŸ‘‡

1. Break down your big goal in to atomic chunks that you can handle a piece of it everyday.
For example: If you want to run a 10K this year, you should be able to walk/run for 25 mins everyday.

2. Focus on starting everyday. Don't worry about finishing.
If you can't run/walk for 25 mins a day, no problem but make sure you hit the ground everyday. Even if you did 5 mins of run/walk it is ok. What matters is starting that activity everyday. It is ok even if you did not finish it. This way you will keep reminding yourself about the goal.

3. Your progressive upgradation matters more than your perfect execution.
Start with 25 mins walking and in 4 weeks add a little run in between the walk and slowly increase the running and reduce the walking. If you are unable to run all 25 mins on day one that is perfectly alright. What matters is are you progressing everyday?

4. Don't have too many goals for the year.
My max number would be 2. Too many goals will pull you in too many different directions and it will be hard on your focus.

5. Work in projects.
Breakdown your goals in to a bunch of 4 week projects. 10K run for the year can be broken down into 7 projects: 3K, 5K walk, 7K walk, 10K walk, 5K run, 7K run, 10K run. That is 7 months of training if you have been a couch potato during the pandemic.

The run was just an example. You could follow the steps for any goal you are working on. The more clarity you have on your routines, your probability of success to reach any goal is higher.

πŸ₯‚ to routines!

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