Google I/O 23

Here is everything from Google I/0 2023 if you didn't have time to watch for hours together.

TL; DR - Google is catching up with Microsoft and Apple. The breakneck speed of the tech industry post ChatGPT is obvious.

[PaLM 2 -LLM] Foundation model for the new AI features. Powers the Bard Chat tool (competition to ChatGPT by OpenAI)

[Bard] Upgraded. Surface images in response unlike ChatGPT. Generate images and modify them. Choose templates, fonts and stock images from the Adobe Library.

[Workspace] AI touch to workspace means writing helpers are everywhere. Template tables are generated in Sheets. Spreadsheets are intimidating. Now, you don't have to know all formulae, just ask what you want to do and get it done. Custom backgrounds for Google Meet.

[Search] Search in Conversation mode. Search suggests next steps, key information to consider, links to dig deep. Context carried over from question to question.

[Sidekick] Help provide better prompts. Constantly engaged in reading and providing contextual suggestions as you write to what you have written.

[Codey] Code completion and code generation tool. Compete to GitHub's Copilot.

[Cloud] New A3 supercomputer virtual machine. Immense computational power with high throughput and low latency + affordable price point.

[Maps] Immersive view for routes. Let's you preview, understand the route before you take it. The time slider to see weather changes throughout the day is interesting.

[Photos] Magic editor - complex edits in specific parts (foreground, background, reposition subjects, fill in etc) of the photo.

[Imagen] Generate and edit images and also write captions for existing images.

[Messages] Magic Compose - Rewrite texts in different styles. Embed AI.

[MusicLM] Give a prompt and the playlist gets generated for the party.

[Find My device] Notifying users if their phone detects an unknown tracker moving with them.

[Pixel 7a] High pixel density camera. Face unblur and Super Res Zoom. $100 less price point. Pixel Fold + Tablet to the devices family.

[Tailwind] Sift through notes and docs. Automatically organizing and summarizing.

[Wear OS4] Smartwatch OS that will improve battery life and functionality and new accessibility features, like text-to-speech.

[Connected Car] Android Auto (using user's phone) vs Automotive OS (in car service). Conferencing while driving + Youtube šŸ™ˆ

and more.

The tech space is evolving at a scorching pace. AI will do most heavy lifting going forward and that makes me wonder: What are the future skills a human can bring to the table? Here is my simple formula.

Future Skill = Growth Mindset + Information Ingestion/Processing + Creativity+ Science+ Knowing how to use AI in context

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