Hello Word!

Hello Word!

Super excited to kickstart the writing journey finally after 30 months of back and forth with the idea of blogging. Took a final call to go for it this week (Christmas Week - December 2020).

The tiny experiments in public (writing posts & articles on LinkedIn for 18 months, in Twitter for 6 months, in Medium for 12 months, in Substack for 7 months and in Notion for 5 months) proved me three things.

1) Writing is more a mindset game than a skillset game. Over a period of time, I realised that I had the needed mindset (perseverance, patience, resilience, grit and vulnerability) for writing. This is far more important. If this fails everything else does.

2) Writing skill can be nurtured even if you don't have it by nature. The 200K+ words  i wrote on internet helped me build the necessary muscle for writing. Experientially I learned it is not easy to write and it will never be easy. It is a routine and not a habit. Just do it 💥

3) Writing can compound and it compounds only in a few places. By trying various platforms and channels, I clearly understood that compounding happens at your home (your blog site) and no where else.

Tip: If you commit your next 1 billion seconds of your life (30+ years) to this craft, build your home. Choose your stack (more on that sooner).

Now that the decision is made, I am super excited to share my ideas around product design, business design and life design here.

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. -Marcel Proust

The lens of design helps me see things differently. The view through these new pair of eyes is fascinating and that is what I want to share here 🎉

🥂 to new eyes!

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