At-least list

I turn 44 this week ✨ To me, birthdays are ordinary days that are made extraordinary by the amazing people around you.

Typically my birthdays are reflective in nature. I dig the past and figure out what could have gone well, what could I have done better, how could I have accomplished more etc. Every birthday felt I am not enough and there is more to it. This year I decided to change it. I don't want to dig anything or feel less about anything. Instead I want to set intentions + consistency for the upcoming days and decades.

As a result, I ended up writing an at-least list for myself.

  1. Read at-least 25 mins everyday with an intent to learn something new.
  2. Write at-least 25 mins everyday to synthesise thoughts and gain clarity.
  3. Drink at-least 2 litres of water in a day.
  4. Move intensely for at-least 25 mins in a day.
  5. Sleep at-least 6.5 hours in a night.
  6. Fast for 36 hours at-least once in a week.
  7. Reduce spoken words (intentionally) by at-least 25% in a day.
  8. Reduce impulsive buying of things by keeping the items in the cart for at-least 24 hours before actually buying.
  9. Spend time with your favourite person at-least once every week (🤷‍♀️).
  10. Teach at-least 5 mins in a day.
  11. Write at-least your morning pages (if possible evening pages as well) in a day.
  12. Invest at-least 20% of every inflow.
  13. Spend at-least 20% less every month (that includes books also yo!).
  14. Travel at-least once a quarter without gadgets.
  15. Deep work at-least 4 hours in a day (including weekends).
  16. Say NO actively to energy sapping efforts at-least once a day.
  17. Breathe at-least 10 counts mindfully in a day.
  18. Take at-least one cold shower in a day (hot showers allowed in the evening yo!).
  19. Do Oil pulling at-least once a day for 5 mins (if not twice 🙈).
  20. Be truthful to at-least self at all times.

These are intentions set by me for me. Whenever I do an activity, I will have this intention lingering in the back of my mind. There is no force that I must do a certain thing a certain way. This way I will not beat myself up and keep feeling not enough.

Instead I want to celebrate who I am every single day and still keep doing things better day after day.

If this list inspires you to write you own, yay 🎉

🥂 to at-least!

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