learning experiences is a must for your career acceleration

The power of consistency and compounding is underrated.

It is 25 days (5 weeks) of consistency.

We learnt so much more visual design than otherwise. A subject that progressively compounds and so atomic in its nature needs a different learning method. Lectures and practice assignments don't cut it.

The nature of the subject should determine what kind of learning method to use.

- To learn the core concepts a structured lecture helps.
- To slice and dice a case study helps.
- To experientially put together a composite skill a problem statement in the industry helps.
- To learn by doing a challenge helps.

As a learning company we are obsessed with your point b (your new
transformed self) than your point a (your current self).

Depending upon the discipline & its nature and your levels at the moment choose the right learning method and rock it. If you can't come join us as we obsessively design every program.

As a non-visual designer my clarity and confidence is sky rocketing now! I can't wait for the next 5 weeks and level up the skills even further.

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