Maker's Club

It has been 8 months since we started the Maker’s club. Initially, it began as a book club but eventually, we added a writing club, followed by learning and storytelling clubs. Later, we combined all these clubs into one large club called Maker’s club. As a community, we learned a lot together and achieved a lot, creating a significant impact in our fraternity. Throughout the journey, we experimented a lot, failed a lot, and succeeded a lot. Learning was the common denominator in all of this.

Based on our learnings, we regularly amplified the signals and suppressed the noises.

One significant change I brought to the club in the recent 100 days (from 2023 start) is that I stopped being the torchbearer for the community. It just wasn’t practical for me to be everywhere, and I had to prioritize. This decision made the community a ghost town, and it crushed my heart. But this time, I didn't want a band-aid fix. It's leadership to do what you can with what you have.

Running active communities is extremely challenging. I'm grateful that despite not having an active lead doing work on the ground, our churn is minimal.

While I stopped being the community lead on the ground, my reading, writing, learning, and storytelling as a maker continues. With the AI era coming at us at blazing speeds, I've decided to transform our learning club into an AI learning club. While I execute on the ground as a community lead, on the side, I also want to explore how to build community builders for our club.

I hope that the AI club will bring some efficiency and effectiveness to our community. Change is the only constant, and some changes bring excitement and joy. The AI club is one of them.

If you are excited about leading book club or writing club or storytelling club do DM me. Let’s make it happen.

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