This question keeps popping up every now and then (in my mind at-least).

What is a metric that shows life is ok or better or great or just fantastic? In other words, what does my payoff look like? Here is my meditation on that topic.

You can take your current situation and you can make it better or you can make it worse. The choice is yours.

Life is nothing but the sum of choices we make (good/bad/ugly included).

Irrespective of the current situation (even the most horrible and tragic ones), there's a richness and a complexity that's completely inexhaustible right at hand, always. Make an attempt to make the current situation better is a great starting point. Stopping to do stupid things and starting to do better things in the current context is a great start. That is the investment (I).

Taking responsibility for life to bring in betterment and efficiency every single time brings in self-transformation. It is not what you did but what you became as a result of doing what you did. That is the payoff. When courage gets built into our human fragility that is when ROI starts kicking in.

On a broader sense, fragility is the pre-condition for heroism. If we can't be defeated, damaged, hurt or pushed into failure, then there would be no fun in going that steep incline and making it better than now.

The beauty of strength is you are fragile. The beauty of uphill journey is it not a flat or a plateau. There is incline and steepness. The beauty of perfection is it is imperfect right now. The beauty of better is it is worse. The problem is we don't see this beauty.

People don't see god because they didn't look low enough - Carl Jung

The things that do you to make it better and the steepness you travel is correlated. That action towards betterment is what gives meaning to life. That meaning brings in ROI. Your action is I.

Every single time a choice for betterment is picked and action is put forward there is payoff. There is better ROI.

🥂 to meaning!

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