Predictions for 2022 & beyond

Disclaimer: Everything said here is my personal view around work and life will be based on some signs from the past few years. Covid has been an amazing catalyst to trigger these thoughts.

If you know what is coming you can be more prepared isn't it? Here are my observations around how life and work will change this year and beyond.

  1. Our careers will have multiple dimensions to it. You will be a creator, performer and an investor going forward. Meta learning, first principles and ability to extract insight from everything will be celebrated.
  2. You will stop hoarding books, blogs, lists and you will start embracing serendipity by algorithms. Recommendations will influence our choices.
  3. Communities and Like-minded tribes will be our go to way of discovering new friends.
  4. Our life will be more nomadic going forward but our urge to have a strong anchor will be even stronger. You will start valuing things that money can't buy.
  5. Remote working and satellite teams will be a norm.
  6. Hiring is going to be extremely difficult as there will be more freedom freaks and they will not want to be tied to a brand but they want to tied to a project.
  7. Learning will be a big thing and education will not be.
  8. Seeking meaning of life and forming multiple identities will be a norm.
  9. Accountability and meritocracy will the metric to hire going forward. Loyalty will be a thing of past.
  10. Abundance will create a lot of mental instability going forward. We will continue to seek scarcity and not settle with what we have.

Are you getting ready for what is coming?

Wishing you all a very happy new year my friends 🥳

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