Project Phoenix S2

Project Phoenix Season 2 for me is starting now. Connecting dots backwards, I feel we all should do this once every 5 years.

I am starting season two a little later and that is ok. The playbook is the same.

Draw a line. Burn the ships. Start afresh on five areas of life: career, finance, relationships, mind & body and the inner me.

Career: Building for Billions. Design leadership in an exciting corporate. Find new heights in leadership. Become an author officially. No shying away from putting real work out there. Being a learner and teacher all along.

Finance: Given the safety/security of a paycheck, how might I increase wealth for my non-profit ( that will allow me to do meaningful work for our community?

Relationships: Building deep and meaningful relationships that compounds over next decade and helps me die well (whenever that happens). They say quality of relationships is what determines your quality of life. Let's test that out.

Health: Stop experimenting with body now (Done it for 5 years and it is a torture). Reverse all lifestyle disorders that exists in me (I caused it, so I need to take it back). Ramp up on fitness and strength. Be an inspiration to all women who might struggle with menopause. It is coming in next 7-9 years for me and it is showing symptoms already.

Inner me: Focus on Locus of Control. Expand the locus of influence. Keep up the intensity. Ramp up the flow. Do well all that you do. Most importantly it must be done joyfully with no regrets whatsoever.

I am starting a Sub stack publication to walk the talk on health journey and writing my book (Sensibowl). The rest will be regularly updated in my blog without sending you tons of email.

If this inspires you, ride along. This time I am going on a solo trip. No active communities. I want to walk fast so I am going alone. When I want to go far, we will go together.

Keep in touch by reading and engaging with the writings. See ya in the corners of internet ✨


Season 1

6 years ago I started the Project Phoenix as a part of my life design quest.

As the name suggests, it was all about rising from ashes. My intent was to draw a line and start afresh from where I am.

I burnt everything down to ashes and restarted afresh on five areas of life: career, finance, relationships, mind and body and the inner me.

I burnt my career as a designer and started afresh as a product educator. That was the birth of Xperian and 13 other brands.

I burnt my bank balance to zero (with a number of experiments/investments). This was the birth of products and death of services in my career.

I burnt all my toxic relationships in one shot and started afresh with new relationships. This was also the birth of communities.

I burnt all the extras in my body and mind and started afresh with physical and mental health. This was the birth of healthy me in all dimensions.

I burnt everything I knew and started afresh with the beginner’s mind. This was the birth of spritual inclination (Thich Naht Hanh, Budda, Mahaveer, Sadhguru and more).

I must say among all the projects so far this one had the deepest and long lasting impact on me as an individual. I could confidently say, there was a “before Phoenix me” and “after”.

I enjoyed the educator part of my career. It kept me humble and grounded.

I loved making millions when I was sleeping using products than sweating with services.

I learnt so much about my body and mind and now I can hack it the way I want.

I could embrace ignorance more than knowledge joyfully.

Now I know how to include everyone as a human without worrying about what is in it for me. A different dimension all together.

Life happened in all these 6 years. Pain was there. Joy was there. There were ups and downs. Big decisions were made. Less mistakes were made. Learnt a ton. Grew up as an individual. I became fearless. Winning and losing became less important and learning became super important. This was my way of dealing with my mid life. Now I can say it was not a mid-life crisis but a mid-life awakening.

My biggest take away was we can start life from anywhere. We can start today and now.

The sunk cost fallacy of life is so real. Go past it and start afresh today. I hope this gives you some courage to do it at your end.

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