Life recalibration is a process I do once in every 500 days. I use it as a ritual to take a step back and re-evaluate life in order to make life more worthy living. It is a reflective exercise. Sometimes it can be hard hitting. The intent is to make necessary adjustments and align life to the current context.

I choose to recalibrate when a lot of things around me are moving in a fast pace. Given many changes this year (switch to corporate, non-profit initiatives, Ai wave, teen kids to empty nester syndrome, ageing/withering parents), it is time to pause, reflect and recalibrate.

I use my 2T (Timely and Timeless) framework for recalibration which tells me what to hold on to strongly and what to adapt to.

The recent Ai bandwagon made me pause, reflect and recalibrate life for the current context. I am thrilled by the plethora of Ai tools and possibilities ahead of us.

This moment is both seminal and real. We are beating evolution once again. As sapiens we have by-passed evolution cycle five times so far. To be precise, we did so when we invented agriculture, cooking, housing, clothing and industries. Ai will be the 6th pivotal moment in my opinion. So the obvious question is what next?

While I am embracing the changes and adapting faster, I also want to remind myself (and all of us) of the timeless aspects of being human.

1/ Like all tools we shaped so far, Ai is also a tool. This time, we are shaping a super smart one. It also is a fast learner. Time to focus on human intelligence and creativity.

2/ Like all life cycles, it will start descriptive, then slowly become prescriptive and finally predictive (with accuracy). This time, the tool has the capability to surpass our average human judgements and patterns. Time to focus on human consciousness and collective responsibility.

3/ Ai can write, generate or create depending on the prompt or triggers. Garbage in will result in Garbage out. On the other hand, Gold in will result in Gold out. It is in our hands to create more clarity or chaos. How we sculpt is still ours. Time to focus on workflows and intentionally shape the style, accuracy and sensibilities.

As a learning machine, I am excited by the exponential productivity Ai is bringing to our lives. Now that creation is made simple, with help of Ai, I am restarting my blogosphere. If you want to travel the journey feel free to subscribe for daily nuggets around tools, workflows, experiments, cribs, rants and more builder rants.

🥂 to the new era!

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