Rules for the day

One part of design that fascinates the most is atomic design.

It is thrilling to see how elements combine to build itself to a point where the final build has no resemblenace of the original elements.

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.
— R. Buckminster Fuller

A simple example on those lines that blew my mind.

Credit: Science is Ignorance - TED

One carbon atom changes the perception from Pear to Banana (you can smell it) 🤯

I took inspiration from atomic design and started building my life for betterment. One epiphany that struck me very hard last year is "days make the decade".

If everyday is better, the decade seems to be so much better.

Based on this big idea I built some rules for the day for myself.

  1. At any given time, work on only one thing at a time till done.
  2. Draw your circle of competence and circle of curiosity. Spend 90% of your time on the competence circle and strive for mastery.
  3. Work joyfully. Do not panic. Don't be anxious. Don't get nervous. It is not worth it.
  4. Work on the project at hand with 100% commitment, involvement and meticulousness. Do not allow anything to disuade you including moods, emotions, inspirations and even life.
  5. Regard creativity as the highest skill and say no to everything else.
  6. Keep the momentum on and move the needle forward. Everything that stops the momentum must be eliminated.
  7. Build systems based on principles. Make routines that run the systems. Your job is not to execute the routines but to build the systems.
  8. Do not care about the destination. Care all about the journey. Be helpful to everyone around you. Every moment counts. All our destination is singular amd fixed (cemetery) .
  9. If your brain is not working. Take a break. Diffuse. Nap. Play. Come back. Do not loose sight of the project. Work with the human body and not against it.
  10. Perception is the main product. Everything else is a by product (including money, relationships, products, career etc). Learn from every moment of life.

Here are the 10 atomic aspects of my day which is slowly making this decade better than the previous one by a whooping 100%.

Adopt if you feel like it.

🥂 to betterment!

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