Squishy Caterpillars

Disclaimer: If you visualise it is a little gory. Stay with the idea only.

The caterpillar is squished either ways.

The only difference is did it get squished to become a butterfly or did it get squished to never come back.

One is called metamorphosis and the other is called death. The distinction gives immense clarity of thought.

Here is a personal experience of squishy caterpillars: As I am building Xperian, I squished a number of caterpillars in the past 1000+ days. Some of them became butterflies and some of them went to the bin. Both mattered for growth. One informed us how to transform ideas and pivot quickly. The other informed us how to drop ideas that are not worth pursuing, quickly.

As a founder, I was too caught up with the caterpillar and I forgot the possibilities the caterpillar showed. Are you squishing your caterpillar to grow or to perish matters a lot.

This question is for you if you are a maker: Are you too worried about your caterpillars and forgetting the final purpose?

🥂 to ideas!

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