The control freak in you must read this 😜
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The control freak in you must read this 😜

Locus of Control is a powerful concept that helped me immensely in working with myself and working with others (aka leadership, team work and more).

You can control only what is in your locus of control. Everything outside your locus of control is out of your control.

Your LOC is depicted below:

You might wonder what is included in your LOC then?

Your LOC includes you, your choices, your decisions, your thought process, your inspirations, your actions, your reflections, your body, your mind, your energy, your emotions and that is about it.

It doesn't include your loved ones, your friends, let alone your team mates, bosses and clients.

You cannot control anyone, you can only inspire them. It is their choice to get inspired or not. That too is not in your control.

🥂 to LOC!

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