Things b-school doesn't teach

Business is all about scale and repeat.

In a nutshell: You make a product once and you keep tweaking or adding a little for a long time.

In the meantime you make different offers out of the same product to add value to your customers. And you market the hell out of it. You aquire customers and retain them with great care.  To a large extent it is a boring job especially (if you are a creative).

If it is not boring with scale and repeat, it is not a business. If you get excited everyday with new shiny ideas you will lose it. The focus will get missed.

If you are a diverger and you are into business please satisfy all your creative energy elsewhere. I have made this mistake a few times and it was costly.

Breaking compounding and disrupting business often is not a good idea. You must have empathy for yours customers to catch up with you. Repeating the same messages often brings that resonance. Conducting business in a systematic way makes it easy for your internal teams as well.

I see a lot of startups pivot at business model fit stage and that mostly is due to lack of patience. All other reasons come after the lack of patience. Long haul on anything is hard.

Focus on your customer and not on your creative energies at this stage.

Patience is hard. It gets harder in business.

🥂 to patience!

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