Shitty First Drafts

Shitty First Drafts
Ai is Writing

Starring at a blank screen is hard. If you give Writer's block as an excuse, I have an antidote for you.

Ai has eased the hardness these days for me. You should definitely give it a try. I like Notion Ai personally but you can start with Chat GPT/Bing/Jasper Ai or any generative Ai tool.

For example: I had to collect a lot of data from the internet for a report I am writing at work and most of the heavy lifting was done by Ai. It is not perfect but a pretty good starter. What would take me 3 weeks to pen down thoughts for my first draft, was done in less than 3 minutes.

My new workflow is my shitty first drafts are Ai generated. I spent one-tenth of my time to edit the Ai drafts for betterment. This has saved me 100s of hours already.

As I play around with this new stuff, I am also jotting down the use cases that are not quite there yet but are my needs as a user and how designers can harness the user scenarios. As a user my needs are only getting fancier with Ai. Now is the time to do “contextual inquiry” of my needs as I play around.

I already see that, our research methods to figure out desirability (formative/generative/validative) for prompts and human thoughts are gonna be very different from what we have done so far.Super excited for what is ahead of us.

Time to buckle up as designers and pay attention to the human needs more closely now than ever before. We have better things to do now folks 🙌

That is 2000 words done in minutes 🤯

🥂 to effectiveness!

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