ChatGPT plugins

Whoa! ChatGPT plugins are here. The shipping speed is just mind blowing. Code is coding itself.

Seminal App Store moment of Generative Ai is here and it can't be ignored. Things will be up to date shortly and we will create a market place for prompts and speciality searches going forward. The cutoff of 2021 will be shortly cut-off. 3P (Third party) content will be easily accessible from now on. Expedia, Instacart, Speak, Kayak have already started this game.

Imagine being powered by ChatGPT for all our needs and wants like groceries, recipes, emails, to-do, tickets and more in just one interface. 100 million DAU if ChatGPT is going to explore in days to come. Our search behaviours are changing significantly. We are entering the Delta4 experiences of Search.

As designers, now is our time to raise the bar of experience for Ai powered experiences. AI Leadership is a thing now. It will cross the chasm shortly.

Time to consider building plugins using ChatGPT.

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