PM Jumpstart

Last week, we started a fun experiment in our WIP community πŸ“ˆ. The goal is to gather 100 questions about products that are lingering in our community and answer them. I gave myself four weeks to collect, categorise, connect, and create a comprehensive asset to take care of typical FAQs about the discipline and go past the surface. I am tired of seeing the same old questions time and again.
We have about 20 questions in the community, and we started the experiment a couple of days back. To play a little, I asked AI to write 100 questions for product managers and it did in just 30 seconds. Then, I asked AI to answer each question today. In less than 45 minutes, I had my first draft ready. for all 100 questions 🀯 I kid you not!

The space is super exciting and thrilling! I am loving to work with my AI minions these days. In just the past week, I have written about 50,000 words using AI. What on earth have we unleashed with AI! This is truly a d4 experience (borrowing from Kunal Shah). I am more convinced than ever that human beings should up their game now.

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