10000- hours ?

I wrote a 100 page guide for product design in just two hours using generative Ai while watching Dahaad in Prime. This would have taken me months to complete if I wrote it all by myself.

At one end it is very romantic to set the morning routine, do deep work, start from an empty canvas, brew ideas, immerse in books, refer as needed etc. On the other end Generative Ai acted as my creative consultant, my intern, my crawler and my writer. I didn’t need a fresh brain to write. It wrote even when I couldn’t think and was sleepy. While I didn’t need 10000-hour mastery to tell GenAi what i wanted, that 10000 hours told me how to use Gen Ai precisely. My investment is coming up with the structure, asking amazing questions and tying the pieces together. The rest of the work is taken away from me. What would have been 100% my work became 10% structuring and 10% reviewing and the rest was done by Ai.

The future of work will demand high agency and drive to get things done. Expertise is valuable but Expert bias is an impediment. Pointed point of view is cherished. Nuances are icing on the top of the cake.

While mastery makes sense, it is not important to have 10000 hour practice to get started anymore. The skills needed for the future is different. Those who adapt will ace it.

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