Shifting Gears

Projectized >> Identified.

One of the most powerful lessons of the decade.

A decade ago, I was inspired by Seth Godin’s Project way of looking at career and not as an identity (link in first comment). According to Seth, projects are things to be invented, funded and shipped than being an accountant or a designer or entrepreneur. The idea resonated highly with me. I took the core of the idea and executed it my way. Silva was actually born out of this thought process (sharing link in the first comment again).

Time is limited. Desire is unlimited. To combat the constant conflicts between abundance and scarcity, I use projects as my go to tool.

Projects help me prioritise objectives and drive outcomes in a time boxed and resource boxed way.

Last year, what started as a tiny linkedin post compelled me to take up Makers Club as a project. What an amazing effort it has been! We created something super valuable for the maker world. We came up with systems, frameworks, routines, methods and hacks in the process for the most needed Meta Skills like reading, writing, storytelling and learning. The volume of work we have done in terms of community building is just mind blowing. Tiny pat on our backs 🫶

I have been feeding a lot of my energy to give life to the community for 8 months now. Slowly the community is breathing on its own. We have amazing community leads to help the members. Time to call Makers Club a project and move on the next exciting one.

Finishing up a project and moving on is a hard phase but a needed one. I will always be a ping away for the community leads. The best part is I am going to be a big part of the other side now as an active community member sharing my readings, writings, learnings and stories as always.

If anyone wants to do community as a full-time gig, reach out to me in DMs and we will do everything from the foundation to fund and help our maker community thrive. That is what Pi foundation is for.

I am super excited for my next project in the foundation. More on that shortly!

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