Visual Yoga

I couldn't describe it better.

25 mins everyday I spent time with shape and forms. It is just a play of simple geometry. Triangles, Circles, Squares and Lines.

Everything I want to say in many words, one diagram just said it. My anxiety came down. I was much calmer with pixels compared to people πŸ™ˆ My worries were lifted off. I was in union with the geometry. Just black, white and grey (this has been my color palette for the past 30 years). Nothing more.

Everyday I felt a little stupid, a little humble and a little grounded. Day after day, the geometry grew on me.

The inspiration started from Jack Butcher in May 2020. It gave me a little more confidence to put my ideas out. I have always been hypergraphic. I can't think without writing and drawing. Just that the sketches stayed with me so far and I had a narrative inside me that I am not a graphic designer. To do geometry you don't have to be a Picasso. These are stories that we tell ourselves and stop doing things that are so liberating.

Slowly I started to share my ideas using DesignU (a substack newsletter) and it felt better. I made it into a habit. Everyday I put out an idea in the form of visual. Everyday I drew more than what I put out. So far 200+ visuals are made, 100+ are trashed. Everyday 9 am, the world saw something geometrical.

2020 Visual Yoga

In this yoga, I didn't lose weight. I didn't bend my body. I didn't chant anything. I just stayed with pixels. On a hindsight, it did bend my mind. It did bend my ego. It did bend my rigidity. It made me fluid. It made me flow. It took away everything inside me for those 25 mins. How else can i say it, if not for Visual yoga?

This is the best meditation ever. This year, in addition to graphics, I am going to explore the mother of all graphics and that is typography.

Typography as my visual yoga for 2021.

Ready to be bent again!

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