What is the first thing to consume in a morning?

In our "waking up the right way" mini series, today let us answer the million dollar question around what to consume first thing first in the morning?

Should it be beverage or water or healthy smoothies or fruits or gobble anything around etc?

Have you noticed, when you weigh first thing in the morning, you would have lost about one kg in your total weight. This happens every single day. The weight comes back during the day however.  Just the morning measure shows -1 Kg.

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Physiologically, we lose water when we sleep. We lose up to one litre of water. Breathing, sweating and urinating in the night contribute to the fluid loss. Even if sweating or urinating does not happen, just breathing alone takes away a lot of fluids from the body.  This is the reason why it is a good idea to compensate the water loss first thing first in the morning.

Having about 400-500 ml of plain water first thing first in the morning helps you rehydrate your system. In addition to rehydration there are a number of other benefits as well with water intake. May be for another post.

Try and say no to tea and coffee (nervous stimulants) as a first thing in the morning. A glass of water first and then you could consume the rest.

P.S: My friends call me a camel. I hardly drink water during the day or the night. This one practice of having plain water in the morning has brought in amazing goodness to my system. You can feel the difference in just one week of practice.

🥂 to water!

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