A simple idea that changed my life
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A simple idea that changed my life

One Minute Writing # 1 (a part of OMX series)

I distinctly remember that day. It was 2002. I drove up to visit my family in Ohio that weekend. That weekend, we cooked a lot, we laughed a lot, we rented a lot from blockbuster 🙈 and watched a number of stupid movies. A memorable weekend for sure.

Sunday morning I had my morning coffee with Ray Harishankar (my father in law). That time he was cracking his Executive MBA from Harvard. I was checking what does it mean to invest in MBA. He took a piece of paper and drew this.

If you can constantly keep your self outside comfort zone, you don't need a leadership degree. That sentence gave me a jolt inside. Caffeine didn't work on me that day.

That simple idea changed me forever. Till date I don't allow a day to pass in my comfort zone. I made the simple idea more sophisticated in my own ways.

Steady growth formula: 60C1+30C2+10C3
Rapid growth formula: 30C1+60C2+10C3
Exponential growth formula: 0C1+ 30C2+70C3

The only catch is get a coach when you swim in C3. It is a dangerous zone and you might not know when you drown. You need a lifeguard and that is your coach.

Ray was right. When you learn every single moment, you don't have to carve out a time for learning.

Self-leadership is underrated.

Leadership is overrated.

Without growing inside you can't bring a conscious growth outside. Keep yourself outside of your comfort zone and keep growing.

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