0.1 > 0

The power of atomicity is underrated.

As human beings we all have lofty goals and that is a good thing. From 0 we aim to achieve 1. Awesomeness πŸ‘

The problem comes with how we feel when that 1 is not achieved? Here is a personal story.

I have been an extremist all my life. Either 1 or 0 and nothing in between.

From my life I distinctly remember these things. Either I run all days a week or no days a week. Either I write everyday or no day πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I start a regimen with all enthusiasm. When i miss it for one day all hell breaks loose. I beat myself up and give up the routine once and for all.

2020 forced me to look at things differently. It was a tough year and I had to handle hard things. The year was beyond my capacity and still is. I didn't even have time for tantrums. I had to get things done. I did not have the luxury of extremism (true, it is a luxury). I had to miss a day and nothing I could do about it as I could not control a few things. I had to do things by squeezing in a few minutes here and there. My brain just did not approve this way of doing things but I did it as I was forced my necessity.

Necessity is the mother of action. It just moved me in different directions against my will. Looking back and reflecting on 2020 (on this new year's eve), if there is one big lesson, 2020 taught me, it was atomicity.

While 1>0 and 1>0.1 mathematically, hey 0.1>0 is also true and why did I miss this equation at all times.

Between 1 and 0 there are a number of possibilities. I started doing things atomically this year.

Here are some accomplishments.

I wrote my journal for 200 days not 365 days. 5 mins a day was my atomic habit.

I wrote 53400 words worth of ideas. That was 300 words a day for 178 days and not 365 days.

I read some 26 books by reading for 20 mins a day and not 52 books as i planned in 2019.

I created 5 courses by putting out one lesson a day which I did not even plan.

I made 12+ products by building one hour a day which did not even occur to me in 2019.

I ate one bowl of something nutritious whenever hungry as i could not diet like how i planned.

I drank one sip of water whenever I was thirsty and not going for 3 Litres a day.

I slept whenever I could as i was insomniac this year without worrying too much about day time napping etc. 25 mins nap helped immensely.

I created 170+ videos for my classes and 10 got published in my channel as well by putting my face in front of my mac camera everyday. I did not setup lighting, DSLR etc.

None of this met my bar. Honestly I was so unhappy that I did not do things to the T. I was so unhappy that I didn't write everyday, I didn't blog everyday, I didn't eat right everyday, I didn't run everyday etc.

I had a long face and a broken heart everyday which told me I cannot do anything properly. But is that true? Just read above and check for yourself if anything I told myself is true.

These are stories we tell ourselves and lower our self image and confidence at all times. Do things for 5 mins, write 100 words, walk for 10 mins when you feel like, Netflix 1 episode when you want to take your mind off things, declutter one shelf and not even the entire wardrobe.

That 0.1 is greater than 0. It is a fact. It is a mathematical equation. When that 0.1 compounds, it produces awesomeness. Today in my reflection I gave a pat on my back and I told myself, I have did really well despite uncontrollable external factors. Atomicity wins. It is small and hence it wins every single time. Plan your year in terms of your atomic action every single day. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day or two. Remember 0.1 > 1. Wishing you an atomic new year ahead πŸŽ‰

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