Wow! In 24 hours a lot happened in our community. 

The minute I shared my intent of taking a step back yesterday, 20+ folks pinged me and asked what could we do to keep up the Maker's club in its pure and pristine form without taking much of my time. We got together on a call for 90+ minutes and discussed the immediate next steps. Much gratitude for the amazing support from the community 🙏

While all this was going on, we got our 80G certificate for #pifo and that is a big deal for a non-profit 🔥 It helps our donors with income tax relief for every rupee they spend on #pifo 😍 Usually 12A/80G takes about 3-4 years to get and we got it now! Can't wait to share what is cooking for 2024 🍾

onwards and upwards for #pifo 🎉

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