Ai Collab

ChatGPT or Notion AI is a highly skilled and affordable collaborator of our times. However, before onboarding your collaborator to work on your tasks, it is important to train the robot to suit your needs and learn your style. This small investment in training upfront leads to a huge ROI.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your collaboration with AI:

1. Avoid asking your collaborator to think along with you. Instead, ask them to just do. Generation and synthesis are two different tasks, and AI is best suited for synthesis rather than generation.

2. Start with a pointed objective. The more vague the objective, the more parameters your AI has to deal with. Do not use AI without a pointed objective.

3. When working with AI, establish boundaries. Make sure your prompt has constraints, such as things to avoid, styles to get inspired from, subtopics to focus on, etc.

4. Ask ChatGPT to provide answers in a specific output format, such as a listicle or action items etc.

5. Start with something you've written or generated, such as meeting notes, and ask AI to improve or summarize them. AI is best suited for execution and enhancements.

Note: Be sure not to feed your AI confidential company information. Your integrity matters as AI will learn everything you feed it.

Writing great prompts is an iterative skill. You can learn how to ask better questions by doing. Having a mindful understanding of Ai will help you ask better. My workflow is powered by 20x by Ai these days. The sad part is I am not missing my human collaborators at all 😞 change is real.

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