AND is hard. OR is easy (relatively).

I want to learn AND I want to get an awesome role is hard compared to I want to learn or I want to get an awesome role.

It is an interesting human behavior that we are drawn towards many ANDs compared to ORs. A root cause for difficult path. The path is relatively easier for OR compared to AND because choice making gets easier.

However AND makes your decision making easier compared to OR. AND determines where you want to go in a decisive manner. OR makes it very wavery.

Personally, I love ANDs. Over a period of time, I figured how to ease the difficulty of AND. The secret is to decouple the ANDs and plan for individual elements and not the collective.

The first step I do with my coachees is to figure out all their ANDs and then decouple it for them with a robust plan. It is working wonders.

This is not just for individuals alone. Even as a business we have decoupled our customer needs into community, courses, career, coaching, advisory, consulting and more. The cognitive load has come down by atleast 90% and we are able to focus on our business better than ever before.

Are you struggling with your ANDs? Try decoupling. The simple technique helps you think clearly and the rest flows.

🥂 to AND!

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