The power of "AND" is underrated. By using "AND," you can turn around trade-offs and change the course of your thinking and actions.

"And" is a secret sauce of most high achievers. In Ray Dalio's book, "Principles," he dedicates a section to talk about "AND," also known as the Holy Grail of Investing.

"There is almost always a good path that you just haven't discovered yet, so look for it until you find it, rather than settle for the choice that is then apparent to you."

History provides multiple examples of "AND":

Steve Jobs: Great Design AND Great Engineering AND Great Marketing
Jeff Bezos: Low Margin AND Profitability AND Innovation
Elon Musk: Electric AND Premium Design AND High Performance
Ray Dalio: Low Risk AND High Returns
Richard Branson: Multiple Companies AND Single Vision AND Adventure

The list goes on.

Human nature, by default, is greedy and filled with "AND" equations. We don't like trade-offs and compromises. At the same time, as energy-efficient beings, we don't like the effort needed to work for our desires. Hence, desires remain just that: desires.

Personally, I have been wondering about AND recently after an year of corporate. Life has changed drastically but for good.

Monthly Cash Flow + Meaningful work + Meaningful relationships
Health + Career + Finance + Relationships
Author + Design Leadership + Product Design + Coach
Writing everyday + managing work demands + managing home demands + Prioritizing health

Hard ones but totally worth it!

Which "ANDs" do you want to prioritize to formulate a better you, a great work environment, and an amazing home environment?

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