Art vs Design

Is Design Art?
Is Art Design?
Are Design and Art not the same thing?
This is a timeless debate of our times.

Here is my perspective πŸ‘‡

Art and Design are two different things. They do share some qualities with each other but at core they are two different things.

  • Art is all about expression. Design is all about problem solving.
  • Art is all about pushing boundaries and not having constraints. Design is all about solving within constraints.
  • Art primarily works off instinct whereas Design follows a systematic and structured process.
  • Art provokes thought and emotion (experience driven). Design focuses on solving a problem (solution driven).
  • Art is triggered by a creative thought. Design works off a specific requirement.
  • Art is perceptual. Design is rational and logical.
  • Art need not have a purpose. Design must have a purpose.
  • Art exists. Design has a functionality.
  • Art is a perceived as a natural gift . Design can be taught and honed.

Pursuing art and pursuing design are two different careers in my view.

While art and design are distinctly different, why do we get mixed up often and why do we perceive artistic talent is a prerequisite for being a designer?

The answer is simple.

Both art and design are perceived by our (individual) human visual system. Our visual perception picks principles such as symmetry, balance, rhythm, hierarchy by default. As Sapiens we survive on these patterns and principles.

Whenever our visual perception gets triggered by attention, orderliness, aesthetics, creativity, imagination and emotions we feel very similar. Both design and art triggers that.

I am not too surprised when someone with artistic tendencies considers design as a career path by default. Slowly they will understand that design has nothing to do with art and art has nothing to do with design. It takes a nuanced eye to figure out the difference between art and design.

Bottomline is:

If you are a problem solver you will enjoy design.
If you are an explorer you will enjoy art.

Whether it is hobby or a vocation, the nature of the subject determines whether someone will stick to the stream or not.

πŸ₯‚ to Art+Design!

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