Years ago I read/listened about BRAVING from Brene Brown and it stuck with me till date.

If you want to build trust in your teams and you want trust to be a part of the culture braving the wilderness is key.

There are 7 elements that must be established for creating trust and it is a lot of hard work. It sounds like a soft topic. Believe me it is not.

BRAVING as acronym for trust building.

B for Boundaries.
Set boundaries. Ask when not clear. Ask explicitly what is okay and not okay for people whom you work with. Respect the boundaries set for you and for others.

R for Reliability.
Do what you say and say what you do. Don’t hustle for worthiness. Don’t over commit and deliver just to prove. Do the right things.

A for Accountability.
No blaming or back channelling. You hold people accountable in a straight forward way.

V for Vault.
When you share things that are not yours to share, you lose trust. That is the other side of confidentiality. When you use a currency to bid for connection the opposite happens and the trust reduces. If it is confidential, it is confidential whatsoever. Don’t open your vault.

I for Integrity.
Choosing courage over comfort. Choosing what is right than choosing what is fun fast and easy. Nothing is achieved comfortably. Practice the value every single day.

N for Non judgement.
Ask for help without being judged or judging self. Create a safe space so that the judgement doesn’t creep.

G for Generosity.
Assume positive intent. Benefit of doubt before you launch into a downward spiral (anger, frustration, irritation etc)

Facts and data makes it easy. In the absence of data we will start spinning stories and narratives that makes us feel good.

If you are a leader building trust in your teams is your foremost priority.

🥂 to braving!

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