[Career] 10 big ideas that shaped my career

[Career] 10 big ideas that shaped my career

10 big ideas that shaped my career and has immense potential to shape yours too.

  1. Your career is personal.  It is an absolute sport and not a relative one. It cannot be compared or measured against anyone else's.
  2. Your career is your responsibility. No one can help it without your permission.
  3. Your career is a significant part of your wellbeing. A good career keeps you curious and creative at heart and hands.Don't sacrifice it in the names of home loans, family responsibility, marriage and babies.
  4. You can have a great work and a great life. Don't compromise one for the other.
  5. Mastery as a path is hard. It is demanding. It pushes you out of your comfort zone every single day. It keeps you humble and grounded. Don't get back into your comfort zone with your stories. It will be a lie and you will know it.
  6. Choose your industry first and then a company within the industry to work for. It has a huge impact on your roles and responsibilities.
  7. If what you do is not the bread and butter of the organisation, then you will be treated as a cost center. You will be given least importance. Don't blame the business for your flawed choice making. Choose wisely.
  8. Your identity need not change but your roles and responsibilities can. That is the secret of a great career.
  9. Like money, career also compounds. Help the compounding by adding to it and most importantly by not breaking it.
  10. You can't have a career in a bubble. Take note of the external forces acting on your career. Trends, evolution, digitisation, emerging technologies, market conditions, everything has an effect. Play accordingly.

A special note:

Dear women, you also can have a career and you should. It gives you clarity and confidence. All human beings like meaning and significance in their lives. Ignoring your purpose will pull you down. You'll pay a price for your sacrifice.

P.S: This week has been the most inconsistent week of my past 1000 days. Life is happening and I am taking in on the stride. Learnings from writing a weekly series is a whole new post by itself. One piece of advice, do not write something without planning. You can wing a post and not a series. A series needs planning and dedicated writing. It is pushing my accountability to another level and I want to take it up for the next 50 weeks. Let's rock it even when life happens 🤘

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