Corp Life

I have a confession to make.

My daily reading and writing habits are dwindling post corporate life. Damn!

I believe in showing up everyday even when nothing is inspiring. I have written memos/posts/blogs in the washroom, when stuck in traffic, while standing in a queue, waiting for someone on the meeting bridge and more. I make it a point to keep myself intellectually stimulated everyday. Simply put, If I don’t read and write everyday, I feel terrible inside me.

Despite having the decade long habit set and mindset in place, I find it super hard to keep up with the consistency these days. It is so hard to find time when you are so busy.

My corporate friends are in awe with my consistency. I use to scratch my head with their awes 🤷‍♀️ Now I get it.

My consistency has dropped by 43% in the past 3 months. Yes, I measure it. My urgent and important list has become exponentially longer than before.

The stark difference between my startup days and corporate days is the deep work time. My empathy for my corporate friends increased dramatically. I use to judge my students for not making time for their portfolios or personal brand or self care or learning. I really understand what you go through now. My heart goes out to you folks.

As a problem solver, I covet to solve this problem for me in the next 100 days.

I will share my learnings and reflections as i make progress or otherwise.

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