Daily Writing

Writing everyday started in 2017 for me.

Seth Godin was/is my inspiration. He says writing is like brushing teeth and you don’t negotiate with that everyday. It gave me a perspective which helped me burn my ship of choices about writing.

I told myself, the only thing I have a choice is to choose what to write about and when to write in a day but I will write everyday. That is when I started writing daily. It slowly became a habit.

I saw me growing leaps and bounds without doing anything extra. Just putting pen to paper, my thoughts got clarified and crystallised. It is the best medicine for mental fog with amazing side effects like personal brand.

Writing sculpts your thinking. When you think better you do better. When you DO better, compounding is inevitable. The best part of thinking and doing is you compound learnings and connect dots very well.

I started my LinkedIn daily writing in 2018 to share my learnings and reflections. I shared whatever I thought was valuable to my younger self. I trusted it will help someone who is in the same path as me.

I wrote everyday. I didn’t sell anything. I didn’t care about my niche or audience building. I beleive/beleived in giving. I started sharing thoughts, ideas, frameworks, reflections and learnings and overtime audience got built organically.

If there is one thing I would tell my 20 year old self, it is to write everyday. I wish I can e across Seth Godin much earlier in my life. I would have created karthis blog (like Seth’s blog) atleast 10000 days ago. It is never too late. The best time to start was 25 years ago but the second best time is now.

As a knowledge worker, all you own is your mindset, skillset and toolset which helps you to think, do and articulate. Sharpen your axe everyday so that when you want to cut you are super ready. That is how you make the best of any opportunity that comes your way.

I have restarted writing in my blog everyday and I am proud of myself. Social media is great for feedback but blog is great for compounding. That is my take.

When are you starting your sculpting journey ? If you need any help I am just a ping away.

🥂to daily writing!

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