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Wisdom behind our festives always blew my mind 🤯

Diwali is here and it is all about strengthening the inner light/clarity and breaking inertia 🪔

In the true spirit of the festival of lights here are some harsh truths when accepted helps you grow leaps and bounds.

  1. Monday blues are inevitable if you follow the weekday-weekend calendar. Behaviourally speaking work on stuff for 6.5 days in a week. Take 0.5 day rest to rejuvenate. Work is all about giving shape to your curiosity. Read, teach, write, speak, coach and build. All work need not be about money. Removing work-money equation helps you see the true meaning of work better.
  2. Your financial freedom is a sum of choices you make around spends, investments and earnings. Earn more. Spend less. Invest appropriately. Greed and expectations are misery machines. Contentment is your antidote. It is not the lack of money we suffer. It is the lack of contentment we suffer.
  3. You can’t control B (birth) and D (death). But you control the C (choices) in between. Life is a sum of choices. Every choice has a consequence. How quickly you amplify signals and stop loss noise, that better your growth curve will be.
  4. Not every passion has an entrepreneurial opportunity. For example, I cannot be a solopreneur and a product leader. It just doesn’t makes sense. You must be in a place where products are made at scale and that is inside a product organisation. Context is everything.
  5. There is no loyalty. There is only fitment. When you fit the needs and the needs from other side fits you value exchange happens. Everyone makes choices that benefit them in their context. Divorces, Layoffs, breakups etc are not personal. Just set that expectation inside you, less misery guaranteed.
  6. No one cares about you. If you also don’t care about you, alas. So take charge. When you are an employee, It is your career and their business. When you are an entrepreneur it is your career and your business. Remember you are always a row in a spreadsheet that anytime you could be shift + deleted. Be ready.
  7. Clarity >> Knowledge. Chase clarity. Knowing something is not working is also clarity. Knowing all decisions are made with half baked information is a solace. Knowing we bet on things and we may fail is comforting. Knowing there is no playbook for life is and the entire life is about figuring out your playbook is gold.
  8. We live in an asymmetric world. The inequality in the world stems from the leverages that are given and taken. But happiness is something you determine irrespective of the inequalities.

Life is a game. Every player is at different levels. Some play it strategically and some play it tactically. Some make a choice not to play. Some have levers to pull. Some earn them on the way.

In this game, you cross levels of your Maslow and dominance hierarchies and strive hard to reach the peak of the pyramid. The view of the world from that peak influences your perception.

Remember, in this game you only have one life. Ace it your way.

Happy Diwali 🪔

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