oh oh! It is not what you think πŸ™ˆ

1BS is expanded as ONE BILLION SECONDS.

A friend of mine (Christo) introduced me this term on a totally different context in 2020 and from that day the idea of one billion seconds is ringing in my head. I told him I am going to steal the word and here I am πŸ™ˆ

If you calculate one billion seconds as years it comes to about 30+ years.

This number changed a lot of my neuronal activity. I started thinking about the 1BS of my life and what all I could do with it. A few questions that got me thinking are

  • What all I could compound in these 1BS of my life?
  • What long term decisions (1BS decisions) could I take?
  • Do I even have 1BS in my life on my side?
  • What investments I should look at for next 1BS?
  • How to grow Xperian in the next 1BS?
  • What not to do in this 1BS?

The simplicity of the idea made me wonder about time in a completely different fashion. At one end, there was so much pressure and urgency and on the other end, there was so much relief thinking long term.

Here are 10 of my 1BS decisions

  1. For the next 1BS I am going to help makers become the most amazing version of themselves.
  2. For the next 1BS I am going to learn and teach structured thinking (build a thinking school for makers).
  3. For the next 1BS I am going to live in V24, Hyderabad, India (travel yes but this is home).
  4. For the next 1BS we are going to work as a TRIO (my core team) and build Xperian.
  5. I am going to build good habits for the next 1BS (Walk/Jog everyday, Weekend long runs, read before bed everyday, set morning and evening routine etc)
  6. For the next 1BS V10 is our home studio and we will work as internet entrepreneurs only. Remote working forever.
  7. For the next 1BS I am going to be married to S and will live happily ever after (this too is a decision and a huge one 😜)
  8. For the next 1BS I am going to write everyday here (karthis.blog).
  9. For the next 1BS I am going to learn something new everyday.
  10. For the next 1BS I am going to invest 1 rupee every 60 seconds.

It felt really good inside me to pen down these decisions.

What are your 1BS decisions sounding like?

πŸ₯‚ to 1BS!

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