Filtered vs Unfiltered Leadership

Do you want big bold changes or keep up the status quo in your organization?

Your answer will help you choose the right leaders (filtered or unfiltered) for your org.

When referring to unfiltered vs filtered leaders, it usually pertains to the way in which leaders are selected and groomed within an organization, and how their personal characteristics and experiences shape their leadership style.

Unfiltered leaders often have a more direct path to leadership, without extensive grooming or preparation for the role. They may be founders, entrepreneurs, or individuals who assume a leadership position as a result of a crisis or rapid company growth. Unfiltered leaders tend to have stronger personal convictions and be more innovative, as their leadership style is not shaped as much by the expectations of others.

These leaders are more likely to make radical changes, take bold actions, and challenge the status quo because they are less constrained by established norms or protocols. However, their lack of experience or training can sometimes lead to risky decisions or a lack of understanding about how to effectively manage an organization.

Filtered leaders, on the other hand, have typically been groomed for leadership through a series of progressively higher-level positions within the organization. They are more likely to adhere to existing norms and procedures and to make decisions based on past experiences and established practices.

These leaders are often more risk-averse and methodical in their decision-making, as they have learned to navigate the system and understand the potential consequences of their actions. Filtered leaders tend to be more steady and reliable, but they may also be less innovative or less likely to enact significant changes.

There is no good or bad leadership style. The key is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each style, and to select or develop leaders who are a good fit for the specific needs of the organization.

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