In a world full of distraction, focus sounds like a far-fetched dream. With the number of dings and pings around, it is hard to stay course. Here are a few tips that can help you stay focused.

  1. Do less intentionally. This helps with the needed space to think better. It feels weird to have a breather but it works.
  2. Manage a time budget for the day (typically it sounds like 5/16 hours). The budget forces you to time block and makes you do only a few things.
  3. Put everything on calendar. Do not do something that is not on the calendar. This will force you to allocate time accordingly.
  4. Have a rule of one project at a time. Do everything around it.
  5. Before starting an activity take one minute (literally) and remind yourself the larger purpose of the project (why and why now). Visualise what you want to accomplish at the end of activity and then start the activity. This ritual anchors you to the activity more firmly.

🥂 to monomaniacal focus!

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