Freedom ain't easy

Typically we keep talking about our desire for freedom, the why behind it, the what of freedom and the how to acheive it.

For a change let's talk about the struggles on the other side of this coin.

It took me almost 6 years to arrive here where there is abundance of happiness, satisfaction, contentment, purpose and strive. It has been this way for couple of years for sure.

I am not a big fan of the usual definition: sexy, healthy and wealthy. What I cherish as freedom may not be the same for you because freedom is personal and is a dynamic state of mind. The inner compass knows if you are free or not. You can't prove to someone that you are free. There is no dashboard to measure it and certainly it is not an overnight achievement. It takes time to get the perception of freedom. It is a slow and a gruelling process. But totally worth it.

I don't have a 6-pack abs. I don't have a million followers. I don't have crypto investments and I can't run a marathon today but do I have a lot of freedom. Because it is not coming from a multi-millionare-influencer-model, I am not sure if it will even resonate with you.

Nevertheless, I want to share what it means to be on the other side of the quest. In case you are also not sexy-healthy and wealthy, you still can be happy, contended, purposeful and striving. This piece is your hope and how not to falter after you have arrived.

The top 5 struggles of a freedom freak πŸ‘‡

  1. There is no "you have arrived" sign to tell you when you have a free life. You keep doubting yourself, you doubt your happiness, you doubt your abilities, you doubt what you write and you doubt everything about you because as human beings we learn a lot by comparing ourselves relatively. When you are free and unique, you feel like an odd man out and you don't quite fit in to the society that is around you. This shit is hard. It feels aloof.
  2. You are unique and you have a unique set of interests, perspectives, skillsets and composition. There is no other "Karthi" out there. You are a limited and special edition and yet you want to see someone like you and ask them how does it feel to be unique, special and limited πŸ˜… Crazy isn't it?
  3. Desire levels vary from human to human and so does contentment. Someone can be happy with a few bucks in the bank account and someone can be unhappy with millions. So it is a hard thing to talk about as absolutes but

    When you are contented and happy about everything but the world around you is not the same way despite having a lot more than what you have, for a second you will start doubting yourself. Why am i so happy with just so little money in my portfolio but someone with 600 crs is still hustling and stressed. You will start doubting your contentment and happiness as well when this happens very often. The world around you will make you feel like you must be in pain at all times, stressed, struggling, hustling and more. If you are joyful, contended, say no to extra work and be bored, it does feel a little odd.
  4. Everyone wants freedom in every aspect of life : wealth wise , work wise, relationship wise, health wise and ignorance wise (nope, knowledge will not cut it). You will start wondering why is it so hard for many. I call this as a freedom imposter. If everyone is struggling how can you arrive so early? Did you do something wrong? did you miss something or are you living in a bubble of this freedom? The questions and doubts are real.
  5. You get swayed between should I go back to work or should i continue the happy grind? Am I leaving too much on the table? Why I am not taking the 99% route and why the hell I am sticking to 1%?

    The career questions are real when you have the needed competence, experience, gender (in 2021 yes), supporting family, grown up children and a contended heart. Phew!

Finding freedom is hard, living one is even harder. Everyday you must recalibrate yourself inside you and not be swayed by the world around you.

πŸ₯‚ to freedom resilience!

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