The game of experts

Teaching is hard for a practitioner because to teach to someone, you must know how you do it in the first place and many times you don't.

It comes to you. You know not how to do it when asked. None of projects follow the same technique. There is no one size fits all. I use mixed methods to handle a context. What drives me is the context and not my techniques. What gives me success is my momentum of loving and living the problem and not my methods. Methods are many.

Doing is a non-linear, unpredictable, obsessive path to seek clarity and embrace ambiguity. The fun is when we just jump in and just swim through muddy waters and somehow finally see the shore. The excitement is high because every time the path is different and we don't know what we are jumping into. On a hindsight it is awesome.

Contrary to popular truth, it is not the journey honestly. It is arriving at that destination that is more exciting.

I struggle to tell my one size fits all answers.
I show them a framework. I give them a bunch of core concepts. I ask them to practice by applying sensibilities and raw intelligence in getting there.

I struggle to give 3 steps or 5 ways or 7 tips to do something so intricate and composite.

Prescription will kill the expertise and this is why you never become a great designer reading medium articles, Twitter threads and LinkedIn Posts only.

Everyone who is writing here is trying to share what they know and in return they want your attention. It feels so good to have many reactions. The dopamine is real.

For some cheap dopamine, I don't want to sell some tricks to you. You will never become a good designer that way.

If there is one advice for becoming great at your craft do this 👇

Stay with the problem. Dig deeper. You solution is in the problem. If you know how to understand this, you are many steps ahead of most designers.

Know the nature of beast so that you can tame it. The core is understanding the problem. The craft is solving it with form and shape.

🥂 to not knowing how you do!

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