Gen AI Cases

Generative AI has become an integral part of my daily workflow, especially when it comes to writing. I no longer use search and instead use prompts to find what I need in the flow of work.

Here are some of the ways AI has helped me immensely:

[Brainstorming] When I'm unsure of what to do next and I'm curious about a few words, I ask AI, and it can provide multiple ideas in minutes.
For example, I had a talk on design leadership coming up, and I had no idea what to cover. It's a broad topic, so I asked AI to outline the talk for me in 30 minutes. Voila, I had a neat outline.

[Improving Writing] When I have a first draft that needs to be turned into a presentable one, I ask AI.
For example, during a performance season as a manager, I write a lot. My thoughts are intact, but my grammar and sentence structure are poor. AI does an amazing job of keeping the tone and style while improving the English. I was so grateful to have a minion to do it this season.

[Summarizing] When I have many discussions to catch up on and can't attend all the meetings, I ask AI to summarize the discussions for me.
For example, in a day, I miss at least 6-7 discussions by prioritizing other meetings. Microsoft Teams does an excellent job of transcribing the meetings. I use AI to summarize the meetings and action items. It makes my life so much easier.

[Precision Search] When I'm looking for a specific perspective for a super-specific context, I use AI to help.
For example, I'm working on a particular search scenario, and I want all the search paradigms from the UX world as one list. It would have taken me hours to gather and curate, but AI did it in seconds.

[Book Summaries] All books have a handful of significant ideas. I can determine whether I want to read the book or not based on summaries. I stopped using Blinkist or GetAbstract, and now I directly ask AI to help me.

[Research Assistant] As a researcher, it's my everyday job to rabbit hole something or another. I used to have RAs to help me with the search, but now I feed my questionathon (a marathon of questions) to AI, and I get perspectives to start with.

What other AI use cases are worth considering for everyday workflows?

🥂 to Ai!

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