"What is my purpose" is a pivotal question of adult life. Like many of us, I also searched purpose in ways you can't imagine. After many years of seeking/searching/experimenting I finally found out the answer.

Here is my simple definition of purpose: "To live life much larger than self with absolute integrity, commitment, involvement and joy". 

In 2023, I experientially understood all the above words via #pifo

In all the 52 weeks, I worked my a** off for 5 days a week in a corporate and I worked 2 days of my weekend a lot more harder to GIVE to the community. 

It was/is a not for profit so I had no reasons to run behind money in this initiative. So there was no goal monetarily to chase. 

Anchoring a community without any dogma or belief or rituals and just pure goodwill is lot of hard work. We are wired to be skeptical and cynical. So naturally folks asked, why will someone give so much without anything in return. There must be some catch. Unfortunately I disappointed everyone without asking for anything. Literally no thing. Not even emails/subscriptions etc. But I gave everything I know from the bottom of my heart. 

We built the maker's club on "giving" with a pure intent to belong and become better as makers. What started as a book club, slowly grew into multiple sub clubs (reading/writing/storytelling/learning/networking).When life happened to me and I could not keep running in this marathon day after day, week after week, I realised I can give in sprints if not in marathon.

I started cohorts. Cohorts are sprints. Short intense valuable programs like mentor circles for 12 weeks, meta skills challenges (writing/visual thinking) for 4 weeks, metabolic health enhancement cohorts for 24 weeks and more. 365 days just flew by in 2023 doing all the above. My heart swelled in gratitude. I felt complete. Complete is the right word as I was not chasing the new found greatness. I was not getting addicted to the success. I did not run behind more testimonials. All chasing/seeking/tweaking just stopped. There was peace and harmony beyond me. That is my experiential wisdom of purpose. It just happened to have the name of #pifo and I am not attached to it as well. It is hard to explain an experience in words and hence many struggle to define purpose. 

While all this was going on, I also grew leaps and bounds in my design leadership journey as well. For one, I was not deprioritising the other. Every awake moment was filled with completeness and balance. I took major decisions out of intent, intensity, clarity and focus. Decision making was easy as the purpose was clear not for the year but for the rest of the life.

Here is what I have planned for Pifo in 2024. This is my giving calendar and there are a lot more people like me who give in #pifo and their calendars will be added as we roll 🔥

2024 looks super exciting and tight 😉 Onwards and upwards 🎉

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