How a product under INR 500 changed my life

When the first wave of covid hit us one year ago, I stocked up many essential but forgot my sanitary napkins.

It was my period. I didn't have much time to figure out how to manoeuver the lockdown and get the napkins. I remembered I had an unopened menstrual cup which was gifted to me in one of women product makers event a few months ago.
Necessity made my search efficient. I found it. Learnt how to use it from a YouTube tutorial. It is almost one year now and  I am not looking back.  

The problem of sanitary waste is real. The inconvinience of using sanitary products is also real. I observed, a menstrual cup solved both the problems seamlessly in a much lesser cost.

Here is a simple math. INR 500 for 10 years is a steal compared to 1440 napkins costing INR 12000 in 10 years.

With no leaks, more capacity (upto 28 grams), change only every 6 hours, a cup allows women to be more free and flexible. I personally experience the ease of use every month.

By using a cup, every woman can save upto 300 pounds of sanitary waste this lifetime. If every mensurating women adopts a cup, we could reduce the 15 million tonnes of sanitary waste and stop green house gases equivalent to 3 billion cars. Think about it.

This piece is dedicated to all mensurating women product makers who long to make the world a better place to live. If you are a man reading this, please pass this to women you care about and the future will thank you 🙏

🥂 to better living!

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