How to get better at almost anything

Betterment is a human quest. Each and everyone of us want to get better everyday. The goal is the same. It is the path we take that makes all the difference.

Several studies of most amazing artists, speakers, doctors, chiefs and businessmen have shown one common pattern that strings all the awesomeness.

If you are wondering if the answer is in the lines of talent or potential or luck then the answer is NO. It is not their talent. It is not even their potential. It is their ability to practice deliberately.

You might have heard this advice earlier but what does it mean to practice deliberately?

Here are 7 ways you can make the most of your practice that takes you in the path of betterment.

  1. Practicing with a practitioner or a coach or a teacher >> Practicing all by yourself.
  2. Practicing what you are bad at >> Practicing what you are good at.
  3. Mindful repetition >> Mindless repetition.
  4. Excruciating boredom and endless repetitions >> Exciting entertainment and quick jumps
  5. Continuous feedback >> Low or no feedback
  6. Journey >> Destination
  7. Aiming higher >> Not having a high bar

It is hard to have the drive, desire and discipline to go through deliberate practice every single day. The price is high. It is important to note that rewards are also high.

Very few push their limits everyday with their practice. Those who do certainly standout. Irrespective of the field you want to get better at, the thread that makes you better remains the same.

🥂 to practice!

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